Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flea Market

It was so nice out today. No Rain!!! We went to the Shawano, Wisconsin flea market. It is usually a big one and wasn't disappointed at all today. It is so much fun to look around. There were so many things that I loved like the crocks and old bowls, etc. But no where to put them. I did buy one House Of Miniature kit. A Chippendale canapy bed. I thought of a lot of you when I saw some of the antiques, etc. BUT........ we did get an old fashioned water pump like farmers had in their yards or likes ones that are in some of the waysides and parks. It's about 5 1/2 feet tall and is painted green with some red showing through. I'll have to get a picture when we get it set up. Won't be until we get a tree cut down though. We wanted one for our yard. WHOO HOO!!! I love antiques and just wish I had more room in our house for them.
I am also still looking for patterns for making miniature Raggedy Ann and Andy's. Or ideas of different items to use. I did pick some fimo ones up at the Chicago and 3 Blind Mice shows in april. I would also like some soft ones. These will go into a littles girl's room roombox, I want to make it girly. Way different then what I wanted as a little girl.
Hugs, Teresa

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