Sunday, August 22, 2010

Give away--Lena's and tests

This giveaway is so beautiful! I would love to win this one. I have the perfect place for it. But will "let" you try for it also. lol She has a great blog. Aren't the items just beautifully made?  
Not much going on around here. Hot again as it was all summer. I stained my cabin yeasterday and have a few touch-ups to do yet so no pictures of it yet. Funny how the missed places show up after you think you are done. lol. It looks pretty good. I must have gotten a little bit of glue on some of the logs, but it looks more rustic now.
I have a Drs appointment tomorrow to see about my diabetis and just in time as my numbers for some reason have been a bit low. I put a new battery in my meter so it isn't that. I even tried another meter and the numbers are the same, so will have to get to the bottom of that. 60's and 70's are not good.  Also have a mamogram on tues. Icchy! I hate them. But the last one was 2 years ago. so it is time. I hate tests. You want to count on everything being o.k. but still you worry and then everything turns out good afterwards anyways. Which is good. Also feel alot of congestion with no cold so will have that checked out also. As you can see I am a worry wart. Which is why I always put these things off. Then I have to make my corrorectal test done and that I have really putting O.K. I am being gross now. But part of life. I took a vacation in sept so will get that done then. Just wanted to make sure I had the two days off.
I bought some more devided plastic boxes to sort out all the minis I bought a few posts ago. Lots to put in order!! I have kind of devided them already so it shouldn't tske too long. Not much else going on around here. So will end here and everyone have a great Sunday. Hugs, Teresa

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  1. dear teresa,

    i love your miniature blog. all things tiny are so
    precious and show your affection for lovelies that
    many of us overlook.

    thank you for your wise comments about the
    difficulties in making new friends in this work
    place world.