Monday, August 30, 2010

Date night and weekend fun

Saturday we went to see Eat Pray Love not sure what I think about this movie. I am glad that I read the book first. It made it easier to understand some of the parts. Jeff liked it. Then we went to a restraunt that a co-worker of his told him about. They actually had a gluten free menu and there was alot for him to pick from. His co-worker works there part time so she knew how they handle the food so that it stays gluten frr. First time we had actually gone out to eat since he found out that he has an gluten intolerance. Mild celiacs. I thought my diebetic diet was tough! You should see his. We even have seperate toaster as he can't have my crumbs get on his food. I can't eat his food as his food is way too high in carbs for me. Then we went to the casino for a little while. Working different shifts it is hard to find the time to do things together sometimes.Today we cut down the pear tree. We could never eat all the pears and it was just a hassle to pick them up all the time. We will put a pretty ornamental tree in it's place. Something small. All in all a good weekend.
I am off my diebetic meds. The Dr feels that I can now do it with my diet. The pills plus my diet were lowering my blood counts way to low. Lost about 10 pounds and that has helped. I got my mammogram done last week, all is well so I can stop worring about that for another year. Whew! Now to get my colonoscopy done in sept and eye test then I will be done for another year! Yeah!! Anyway it was a nice quiet weekend. Hugs, Teresa
Off I go to do another favorite hobby...reading

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