Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mini's outdoors

Well actually in our sunroom. It is so nice to work out there where I can see all the flowers growing. I am working on the HBS (Hobby Builders Supply) contest so I am sorry that there aren't any pictures. But it has been a beautiful weekend.
After Jeff got off work yesterday we planted the plants that we bought at the Flower Factory. 13 moe perennials. People always ask us were we find room for more plants. But our beds are not full yet. I don't know what we will do when they are though as we can't make anymore beds. We don't have alot of lawn left. LOL. The lawn that we do have sets of the beds nicely. I wish I could get a picture of the whole yard to show you. I would have to climb up on the neighbors roof and I don't think they would like that idea much. LOL.
Does anyone have a pattern for rustic furniture? Like made of logs or country look. Couch ( sofa, davenport) and chair. I need one for one of the houses. Then I need to buy or print out some country style material. I'll have to look at the fabric store and see what I can find.
Back to work tomorrow so I am anxious to get back outside to work on the contest building. I don't get much done on the days I work. ut we do what we must do to live and pay the bills.
Well off I go to cut some more siding. Hugs, Teresa

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